Screaming with Ozzy

July 7th, 2010 by Mike Oldham

We recently collaborated with Sony Music to develop an engaging and unique experience to promote Ozzy Osbourne’s latest album Scream. The application challenges users to belt out there best scream using their webcam. The front-end was built using Flash and the Flex framework, and relied on Red5 for recording videos from a webcam and submitting the videos via the YouTube API. The most popular videos on the YouTube channel are prominently featured in a 3D wall on the website. This was yet another interesting project to build and test in the office. You’d think a team of engineers would be a little more introverted, guess again.

Alas, the Prince of Darkness is back for his tenth album, and it’s been a big success on the billboard charts. So, now it’s your turn, let us hear you flex your golden pipes. Not like that. Go here to show Ozzy what you’ve got under the hood.

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