Frederick Heads Home

June 25th, 2012 by Frederick Jansen

Frederick Heads Home – by Frederick Jansen

All good things must come to an end, I guess. The end of my three month internship at Infrared5, the culmination of many more months of preparation and a whole lot of red tape. Three months being away from home, friends and family. Three months of soaking up the American culture, working for a great company and generally enjoying life to the absolute fullest. Time passes quickly when you’re having fun, I wouldn’t have minded everything to last just a bit longer.

The entire journey went really well. I made some great new friends, both in and out of work and got to experience some of the things only America has to offer. Boston certainly did not disappoint me. The weather was great with a virtually non-existent winter and plenty of sun. The city is rich in history yet provides plenty of opportunities to go out for an evening of fun. Whether it’s the local bands and tasteful food or simply spending time in some of its beautiful parks, there is always something to enjoy.

They say it takes three things to be successful in life. Dedication, talent and knowing the right people. Only one of those three is under your direct control, the rest is mostly left to luck. I consider myself very lucky to have been at FITC Amsterdam when Chris was there as well, that we started talking and managed to stay in touch afterwards. It took me awhile to make this internship happen and at times it appeared as though nothing would come of it. Being persistent paid off and I’m glad it worked out so well. Things could have turned out completely different.

Infrared5 is an extraordinary company, in more than one way. Take a group of highly talented developers, mixed with awesome project managers (not unimportant!) in a culture that is both engaging and rewarding. This may seem like an obvious combination, but it’s one that’s easy to get wrong. The website states “we engineer solutions” and that is no lie. Projects are challenging, even more so with the limited experience I have. As an intern, I was given the opportunity to prove my worth and feel like I made the most of that. Yes, work can be and will be hard. But part of the culture is making sure that developers are able to do what they do best. Unlike getting to the US, there’s no red tape here.

Although it’s only been three months, I feel like I learned a lot being here. Not just about programming, but also about working on real life projects for real life clients and what it’s like to function as part of a team. I sincerely wish that this wasn’t the last of my experience working with Infrared5 and hope to be back in the US, more permanently, in the near future.

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