Red5 1.0.1 Released

January 15th, 2013 by Paul Gregoire

Red5 1.0.1 Released

Announcing the release of Red5 server version 1.0.1 Final.
This is primarily a bug-fix release, coming just a little over a month after the 1.0 release. The following 13 bugfixes are addressed in this release:

  • Admin application fixed
  • ClientBroadcastStream was modified to handle stream listeners more efficiently
  • Fixed RTMPS server freeze
  • Plugged memory leak in the RTMP protocol decoder
  • Fixed several minor issues with client streams
  • Addressed tight-loop issue bubbled up from Mina when file handles are exceeded
  • Fixed loading issue with persistent shared objects
  • Repaired some Maven related problems with our builds

A major change from 1.0 on the project side of things is our move from Ant and Ivy based builds to Maven.

The server documentation has also received some updates and has been regenerated in HTML
and PDF formats; granted there are still a lot of sections that need to be updated, but this is a start. The googlecode hosted wiki has also been started during this period since we lost faith in the older Trac system. The unfortunate thing about losing Trac is that we lost a lot of the content.

Red5 Binaries

Binaries have been created to fill most of our users needs; absent from the list is a dedicated OSX build. OSX and Linux users should grab the Tarball or build from source. The following links are now active: Windows Installer (Java 7) | Windows (Java 6) | ZIP | Tarball

How to add Red5 as a Maven dependency in your project

Add the red5 repository

Add a dependency entry for the server:

Also if you’re doing RTMP client work in your project, you’ll also have to add the client library entry:

For both the server and client libraries you must add the “-java6″ prefix to the “version” node if you are not using Java 7.

Building Red5 in Eclipse

A Maven plugin now comes pre-installed in some Eclipse releases, but if you are using an older version and need install instructions go here first: Maven plugin install

Last but not least, I created a quick screencast to show how to build the server in Eclipse now that we’ve switched to Maven.

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  2. Pedram Says:

    that’s great job. thanks guys

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  4. Alex Says:

    Is it possible to make “mvn dist” or something?

  5. Bruno Says:

    Hi Paul, I’m having problems with building with maven. When I run build as in your screencast I get 404 errors when trying to download certain jars. It seems to me that the project dependencies need some other dependencies which aren’t at the specified location.

    So I wanted to ask you if you could share your pom.xml file?

  6. Gaurav Says:

    This blog is really helping out the developer who are working on opensource streaming servers task………red5 documentation is very less available in various sites……information provided in this blog is helping me out with some extent……..thanks for blogging techiesssssssssssss…..thanks a lottt

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