Seven weeks. Seven teams. ONE ULTIMATE APP!

February 6th, 2013 by Rosie

Infrared5 and Brass Monkey are excited to announce their participation in Intel Software’s Ultimate Coder Challenge, ‘Going Perceptual’! The IR5/Brass Monkey team, along with six other teams from across the globe, will be competing in this seven week challenge to build the ultimate app. The teams will be using the latest Ultrabook convertible hardware, along with the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK and camera to build the prototype. The competitors range from large teams to individual developers, and each will take a unique approach to the challenge. The question will be which team or individual can execute their vision with the most success under such strict time constraints?

Here at Infrared5/Brass Monkey headquarters, we have our heads in the clouds and our noses to the grindstone. We are dreaming big, hoping to create a game that will take user experience to the next level. We are combining game play experiences like those available on Nintendo’s Wii U and Microsoft Kinect. The team will use the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK for head tracking, which will allow the player to essentially peer into the tablet/laptop screen like a window. The 3D world will change as the player moves his head. We’ve seen other experiments that do this with other technology and think it is really remarkable. This one using Wii-motes by Johnny Lee is one of the most famous. Our team will be exploring this effect and other uses of the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK combined with the Brass Monkey’s SDK (using a smartphone as a controller) to create a cutting edge, immersive experience. Not only that, but our creative team is coming up with all original IP to showcase the work.

Intel will feature documentation of the ups and downs of this process for each team, beginning February 15th. We will be posting weekly on our progress, sharing details about the code we are writing, and pointing out the challenges we face along the way. Be sure to check back here as the contest gets under way.

What would you build if you were in the competition? Let us know if you have creative ideas on how to use this technology; we would love to hear them.

We would like to thank Intel for this wonderful opportunity and wish our competitors the best of luck! Game on!

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  2. JulieRoe Says:

    It would be really cool to see a game about winning eternal life.
    There could be all kinds of interesting choices resulting in ecstatically fun experiences or horrifyingly bad experiences.
    I have a poster that shows graphics of what some of these experiences could be – very reminiscent of “Pilgrims Progress”!!!
    Love to supply ideas if you need them.
    Steph, Say hi to your dad for me.

    Julie Roe.

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