Tech Talk: Creating More Responsive and Quicker Websites and Web Apps

February 4th, 2013 by Kyle Kellogg

This past Friday, Infrared5 debuted the first of its bi-weekly in house ‘Tech Talk’. I was lucky to be able to give the first talk. I chose a subject I care very deeply about: How to make websites and web apps better and with less trouble. In order for it to fit in the hour format, I focused on a few key points.

Given the ever-changing nature of the web, technology as a whole, and the way the two interact, the primary focus of my talk was how to make websites and web apps more responsive. The primary recommendations were to plan ahead for ‘N’ devices, because you don’t know how many screens variation will view the website or web app. In accordance with that, and to make websites and web apps faster, I paraphrased from Jon Rohan about how to optimize CSS for faster rendering. In order to lighten and ease the load time, I recommended using Picturefill.js. This prevents heavy assets from loading when they aren’t required by the device. Finally, I discussed how we can use the Webkit Dev Tools to improve testing.

While the talk wasn’t anything groundbreaking, it was helpful to talk about best practices and discuss these points. Here is a link to the slides presented during the talk:

We look forward to sharing our next ‘Tech Talk’ with you!

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