The Wicked Ten

February 27th, 2013 by Rebecca Allen

At Infrared5 we’re passionate about the work we do. At a recent Friday Tech Talk, we had an open discussion on what kind of work gets us fired up, and what projects we would like to take on in the future. The goal was to come up with criteria by which to identify the most compelling projects, and thus the ‘”Wicked 10″ was born. 

Energy was high and ideas were plentiful. We accumulated pages and pages of ideas that reflected specific project ideas and general ideologies from our entire team. Since then, we have whittled down our initial brainstorm to our top picks.


The “Wicked 10″

1. Pushing Technology Boundaries / Challenging / Problem Solving
2. Creating Open Source Tools and Projects (sharing our knowledge with the community)
3. Physical Computing (Perceptual Computing) / Integrating with New Hardware
4. Unique UX Experiences
5. Data Visualization / Interactive Timeline
6. Reasonable Timeline / Good Budget – Never hurts to feed the team once in a while…
7. Social Impact / Social Outreach (hack-a-thons, game jams)
8. Installation (Museum Exhibits), Interactive Displays
9. Creative Freedom / Controlling Campaigns Start to Finish
10. Second Screen Experiences (like Brass Monkey)

and this might go without saying… they should be Fun + Exploratory!!!

 Let us know what you think. What would make a project exciting for you and your team? What relegates a project to the world of “ho hum”?

And this definitely goes without saying, but if you have any “Wicked” projects that you would like us to dig into, let us know!

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