IR5 Tech Talk: Modular Development in JavaScript

March 11th, 2013 by Todd Anderson

I recently had the pleasure to present on modular development in JavaScript at Infrared5′s bi-weekly Tech Talks. It was mostly centered around Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) and the RequireJS library, but covered some of the history and possible future of module implementations in the JavaScript language. Dependency management and modular programming has been a large focus of mine in application development for some time, with interest in crossing implementations within many languages. As more web-based projects cropped up, I had first started looking at application frameworks that would support such a development and build workflow. This initially led me to Dojo, which I would highly recommend looking into. If you are already familiar with Dojo, then it would be no surprise that it led me to RequireJS, as it was created by the same developer – James Burke – who worked on the Dojo Loader. Eventually, it was AMD – and specifically, utilizing RequireJS and r.js – that I would incorporate into the development workflow and build processes for projects, letting the tie to any specific application framework for JS be severed. That’s not to say that application frameworks don’t have their place – especially on bigger teams. But such a discussion is perhaps a whole other Tech Talk in itself! You can view the presentation here.

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