“From Paper To Pixels” – An Interview With Rebecca Smith Allen

June 10th, 2013 by Adam Doucette

Artists and developers are two groups of people who see the world through a unique lense. Both parties are constantly looking for new methods to showcase their work and connect with their audiences. Infrared5’s CEO and Creative Director Rebecca Smith Allen saw an exciting opportunity to facilitate collaboration between these two groups, pairing visual artists with developers and allowing them to create new media projects together. I interviewed Rebecca to ask a few questions about how this show came to be. Keep an eye on our blog for more information on this exciting venture!

1 – Tell us a little about “From Paper to Pixels”.

‘From Paper to Pixels’ is an art show that pairs ‘traditional’ artists with a new media artist to create an interactive piece inspired by the traditional piece. The show will consist of 10 separate collaborations and the interactive art will display next to the original artwork(s). It will launch at Jamaica Plain Open Studios in September.

2 – What was the inspiration for putting together such an event?

I have four pieces of Aaron North’s work that I have owned for about two years. His figurative drawings are really imaginative; part animal, part human. His composition of characters and props are very narrative in nature. I would often walk past his paintings and think about the story they are telling and imagine all the characters moving around.

3 – Can you share who some of the artists are that will be participating?

Of course. I want to express that we still have room for a few more participants. The artists who have already agreed to participate range in the type of work they make, from sculpture, photography, painting to collage. Some of the artists who will be participating are:

- Rosie Ranauro

- Ace Norton

- Bradley Munkowitz

- Sally B Moore

- Sage Schmett

- Allison Meierding

- Aaron North

4 – Tell us about the reception you received from the “traditional” artists when you told them about the idea?

It was great, everyone has been really excited about the idea of bringing their work to life. They are all so talented and creative in their traditional medium. Some I have talked to have always wanted to play with having their work animated or interactive but didn’t have the skill set to make that happen. They are really excited about a new innovative show and having their audience see their work in a different way.

5 – Is your studio Infrared5 participating as a new media artist for the event and if so, can you give a teaser of what your team is working on?

We are definitely creating a piece! Infrared5 is working with Aaron North. North has created a new series of fantastical anthropomorphic creatures especially for the project. By using a Microsoft Kinect and incorporating various soundtracks, Infrared5 is teaching North’s characters to dance. The viewer will participate in the experience, moving in front of a large digital display and North’s critters will dance along. Depending on the music input, the dancing tempo will shift and vary – encouraging further interaction and fun.

6 – Where can people find more information about the event?

The event will be launched during the Jamaica Plain Open Studios weekend of September 21 & 22. If you are an artist from either medium and are interested in participating or you would just like to learn more information on the event, please email rosie@infrared5.com.

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