What our team at Infrared5 is watching in emerging technology?

July 10th, 2013 by Adam Doucette

Here at Infrared5, we know we have one of the best development teams in the business. Our team of designers and developers know the ins and outs of (and have even written textbooks on) programs like Flash, Red5, Unity, and many other programs we use on a daily basis. But being in an industry where technology changes often and quickly, our team realizes they have chosen careers that require lifelong learning and understand the need for adapting to new technologies constantly. This past week I decided to ask some of our team members what technology they are keeping their eyes on and are excited to learn more about.

Todd Anderson, Senior Software Developer

“I think there will be a sharp rise in integrated circuits and micro-controllers. The approachability of such technology as the Arduino and Raspberry Pi has lowered the bar to entry for software developers who want to manipulate their physical surroundings through circuitry. I see this as opening a new level of data-driven application that are user-based and interactive – not only between user and device but also device to device.”

Kyle Kellogg, Software Developer

“Single language stacks for websites and web apps are one of the technologies I’m most interested in. With the growing popularity and maturity of Meteor and Derby, making websites and web apps will be easier, and faster, than they have ever been before. The fact that both of these stacks allow for realtime updating and communication creates immense, new possibilities for what we’ll be able to do with them.”

Chris Allen, President

“Perceptual computing is one area I am really excited about. Having the chance to participate in the Intel Ultimate Coder Challenge only increased my interest in this. Seeing how Intel Capital has recently created their $100-million Intel Capital Experience and Perceptual Computing Fund to finance perceptual computing projects, I can’t wait to see the growth that is going to happen in this area.”

John Grden – Senior Software Developer

“Perceptual computer and gesture-based technology is really interesting. I think both of these are obvious technologies in our near and distant futures.”

These are just some the emerging technologies that our team is excited about.  Keep an eye on our blog where we will revisit what our development team is keeping an eye on in the industry.

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