IR-top-5: Favorite Beers

October 18th, 2013 by Adam Doucette


For this month’s installment of our IR-top-5, we have decided to switch our staff’s focus away from wizardry of design and development for which we are known for and hear input on another common topic of discussion around here… beer. Seeing how it is Octoberfest combined with the fact that many of the Infrared5 team see themselves as beer connoisseurs we figured this topic is appropriate. So with that, here is the IR-top-5 for favorite beers.

Dark Start Espresso Stout – With another dark beer coming in as a personal favorite, Jes Palmer shares here love for Dark Start Espresso. When asked why it’s her fav, she simply replies “it combines coffee and beer!”

Whale’s Tale Pale Ale - PM Kasey Jordan shared her love of this pale ale. This amber English-style ale has a nice balance between hops and malt.

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout – Having received the praises from developers Brain Connatser and Todd Anderson, this was our only double nominated choice. Both Todd and Brian had difficulty narrowing to once choice, but unanimously felt this was the beer you would find in their fridge most regularly.

Brooklyn Brewery Black Ops - Developer Kyle Kellogg has no doubt that if had the choice of any beer, he would reach for the Black Ops. But haven’t you heard of such a beer… well, you best try hard for yourself to find some of this deliciousness.

Shiner Boch – Our Texan developer John Grden could not help but share his state pride when asked about his beer of choice. Simply put, this beer makes John happy when he’s drinking it!

Bonus brew…

Virgil’s Root Beer - Ok ok, not what you expected but who really doesn’t love a good root beer! Designer Elena Ainley shared this as being her beer of choice. Virgil’s website described it as “Virgil’s is a gourmet root beer. We’re what Ben and Jerry’s is to ice cream, what Dom Perignon is to champagne.

So there you have it, our IR-top-5 on staff choice of beers. We would love to hear your input on what you are enjoying these days and we will commit ourselves to researching your suggestion :)


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