IR-Top-5: Top 5 Apps Our Team Loves to Use

December 13th, 2013 by admin

App StoreWith Apple’s App Store approaching their one-millionth app to be released in the app store this week, we figured this would be a great opportunity to share which apps our guys’ love. The boundaries were limitless as far as games, mapping tools, news sources…whatever. If any readers have some great apps they would like to share, we want to hear about it.

Kyle Kellogg, Software Developer - – Cal - An advanced version of a calendar app tying in your system’s calendars, integrates with your contacts and navigation apps to easily add others to events or get directions to your next meeting. You can even jump directly from Cal to Uber to call a car to bring you to your next appointment.

Adam Doucette, Business Development Director - – Talkto is a messenging app that allows you to text businesses. You never need to be left on hold to find out if a place iS open or whether a store is all out of a certain product. Businesses can choose to have messages sent to text, email or live chat, making it convenient for all parties involved.

Elena Ainley, Designer, Square – Although Elena claims this may not be the most exciting of apps, she is a huge fan of the Square reader app as she describes “My friends and I seem to never carry cash, so when we’re all ordering food I can just put pizza on my card and have everyone pay me back via Square app.”

John Grden, Software Developer - NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet (2013) – To speak to how well this app works, John is the only guy in his league that uses it and he won the league last year and is 10-3 this year.  It uses its own calculations for predicting line ups and makes news easy to sift through for your players specifically.

Jes Palmer, Project Manager – Quell Momento - This is the latest game that has caught the attention of our resident gamer Jes Palmer. Beware, this is a challenging puzzle game that is easily addictive. To sum up this game, the review from its site tells it all “Don’t know if it’s because I have an essay to do or this game is actually fun. Either ways I’m still playing!”

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