An Artist’s Perspective On: From Paper to Pixels

September 25th, 2013 by Rosie

Last week Infrared5 held the first annual ‘From Paper to Pixels’ (FP2P), an art show featuring ten pairings of traditional and new media artists, working collaboratively to create one-of-a-kind interactive experiences. I had the honor of experiencing the show as both an artist involved and an employee at Infrared5.

Several months ago, Rebecca Allen told me that she had an exciting idea for a show she wanted to curate. The potential for collaboration between traditional artists and developers seemed endless. Rebecca has a unique capacity to see potential in others, and I feel that FP2P was a perfect venue for that ability. I was thrilled to be paired with Aaron Artessa, our Art Director at Infrared5. Aaron and I have had many conversations about the experience of living with chronic pain, and I knew he would be uniquely qualified to work on this project with me. After only a brief exchange about how I think of my images, Aaron created an incredible interactive experience by rendering my figure as a touch screen experience. As you push the trigger points represented by triangles on the figure, energy expands revealing its path throughout the body. The more trigger points you engage, the more agitated the figure becomes; speaking to the cognitive effects of undergoing chronic pain.

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“From Paper to Pixels” – Interview with Artist Aaron North

June 25th, 2013 by Adam Doucette

As we near the date of ‘From Paper to Pixels’, we will be profiling some of the artists involved. This week we are featuring Aaron North.

Aaron North’s creatures exist in a realm completely of his own. Recognizable animals bend and shift into humans and back into animals. North places these figures in surrealist environments in which the figures appear to suggest symbiotic relationships. Often the creatures are interacting with objects such as chairs and dressers that suggest a relationship to domesticity, leading the viewer to question just what the nature of these creatures could be and to think twice about what could be dwelling in the shadows of our own homes.

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