Our Team



CEO and President

A professional software architect and engineer for over a decade, Chris founded Infrared5 in 2007 with his wife, Rebecca, and technical co-founder, Dominick, to deliver the absolute best interactive experiences available. Originally focusing on projects that exclusively relied on the acclaimed Red5 open source Flash server Chris helped create, Infrared5 has advanced with the industry, expanding into a myriad of other platforms. His goal for the business is to perpetually redefine interactivity and lead the way for the new standard of excellence in our industry. Chris co-authored the book “The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash”, and is a leader in the open source community. He regularly presents at startup, technology and interactive conferences worldwide.



Rebecca’s vision is what drives us forward as a brand and business, and it’s also what makes our projects visually and experientially elegant. Above all else, she’s dedicated to creating the kind of company where people love to work so they can create work that people love. As COO, she tackles our biggest challenges, makes the tough decisions, and keeps us going and growing. Rebecca’s background is as a creative director where she designed intuitive user interfaces, weighty identities, and brands that resonate. An entrepreneur and executive for the last fourteen years, Rebecca’s past includes working on brands such as Timberland, T.J.Maxx and HomeGoods. “Everyone at Infrared5 works together to create their best work every day,” she says. “It’s the company of our dreams by design.”



An integrations expert, Dominick specializes in both client-side and server-side development. He’s responsible for combining all the various technologies Infrared5 works in and making sure the end product is unique, well-crafted and appropriately serves the needs of the client. Put simply, he’s the guy who tackles our biggest technical challenges — and he’s the one with the perfectionist temperament to solve them. Dominick also drives software strategy at Infrared5, ensuring the things we build work across platforms, browsers and hardware. “From my perspective, the best thing about Infrared5 is the team that we’ve assembled,” he says.”We really have the best of the best, and I’m proud to be able to lead this kind of a team.”

Product Development


Senior Software Developer

An expert developer of front-end experiences, Todd has been programming professionally for over a 15 years. At Infrared5, he focuses on application architecture. The author of three books on Flex and Adobe Air, Todd is a leading developer of rich Internet, desktop and mobile applications. In previous roles as a senior software developer, he delivered entertainment, business and learning solutions for companies such as McGraw-Hill, Motorola, and CondéNast. “I love taking all the inspiration our clients have and turning it into something even better than they imagined,” he says. “I just want to make things that are cool.”


Director of Media Server Development

Paul leads server development of Red5 Pro, and is the main contributor to the open source Red5 Project. He makes sure all the audio, video and interactive components on a Red5 enabled application function seamlessly. The code he creates and maintains literally powers all our buttons, sliders, directional pads and joysticks. “I make the stuff you don’t see, but it’s the stuff behind everything you do see,” he says. “I’m the guy behind the curtain.” He’s been programming in Java professionally since 1995, but he started coding way back in 1983 when he got his first computer – a Timex Sinclair 1000. He was also part of the team that first put video on cell phones.


Senior Software Developer

Andy was pulled into internet stream programming 14 years ago and has slowly developed his career around solving problems for service providers. He brings a solid understanding of Windows Directshow architecture, media compression, and is always looking for new ways to digitize human expressions. Andy believes that a stream running through the hardware abstraction layer of a computer system is no different than a violin bow playing a string. At Infrared5, he is one of the leading consultants for complex networking solutions involving new pathways. Before taking on communications programming full time, Andy was a foreman for condo and light commercial construction, overseeing structural detail implementations.


Software Developer

Raised by cats and video games, followed by a life hopping from one craft to another, David’s perspective on challenges is noteworthy to say the least. Primarily a front-end developer, he’s adept at maintaining the flow of information between people and machines, and excels when surrounding himself in the patterns those interactions entail. Combined with a penchant for deconstructive analysis, he’s found a niche for himself in repair and expansion of projects of many scales and platforms. He has a knack for adapting what he knows to new situations, and an even greater one for learning new tricks for situations most people don’t even consider.

ANSSI Piirainen

Senior Software Developer

Anssi is an experienced full-stack developer currently working with Node.js, JavaScript and Java. He is the founder of Flowplayer, a well-known online video player and video hosting platform. After 10+ years with Flowplayer, he decided that it was time to explore new challenges. He is now concentrating on coding at Infrared5, working on various front-end and backend projects. During his free time, Anssi likes to lift heavy things in the gym, in addition to skiing in the Finnish Lapland and the Austrian Alps.


Software Developer

Rajdeep is a member of the the Infrared5 team that turned his passion for contributing to Red5 Open Source into a job. He graduated with his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Bangalore University and his Masters in Computer Science from Calcutta. Rajdeep discovered Red5 Pro livestreaming while playing with audio and video recording and fell in love. He spent a lot of his free time from then on working with Red5 and eventually began working at Infrared5. In his free time Rajdeep loves working with electronics, specifically Arduino, and IoT hardware. He also loves teaching and coaching children, as well as keeping and caring for fish.

Davide Lucchi

Software Developer

Davide originally came from Italy. He received a BS in Information Engineering and MS in Computer Engineering at the Università degli Studi di Padova. He began working with computers and electronics by playing with integrated circuits like the 40xx series. Soon he moved to microcontrollers and computer programming while also spending some time designing an audio power amplifier. Davide enjoys playing tennis, soccer and poker in his free time. Davide is a self described cat person – his family always having a least one fur ball roaming through their home.

Ivan Maslov

Software Developer

Raised in the pits of amateur kickboxing rings in the Ukraine, Ivan has learned to take a methodical approach to software development. He started out on an educational gaming platform and eventually moved on to help develop the Internet of Things for smart metering devices. He has joined us at Infrared5 as our newest developer and continues to hone his skills while working on the scaling portion of our product. As a final note, Ivan has a very impressive record as an 8 time kickboxing champion in his home country.


QA Manager

Jes came to Infrared5 with an army of toys… really she did! Jes is an avid collector of small, plastic “pieces of contemporary art” which she is happy to show off. But don’t be fooled into thinking she is locked up in her office playing with toys. Jes is also known as being a collector of solutions and, with over a decade of systems administrator experience, approaches quality assurance with a technical eye. She loves all types of games – from card, to board, to digital – and eagerly consumes new technology at every opportunity. Jes earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College in Studio Art with a minor in Physics – which explains a lot about her complicated nature.



Rich is a human of many talents. Throughout his varied career he has managed adult residential programs for 10+ years, been a bike mechanic, office manager, haz mat technician, IT technician, freelance designer, photographer, and reporter. He also has 7+ years of carpentry under his belt, which continues to be a passion of his. Throughout all of this he has kept up with the latest in technology which has brought him to Infrared5 as a QA extraordinaire. Machines seem to love or hate him, depending on what he’s doing to them. He spends a lot of time rebuilding and breaking all sorts of mechanical equipment, making him a perfect fit for QA, all pulled together with a dash of droll humor.


QA Engineer

Sterling received a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of New Hampshire. They started working in database development during university, and soon after graduation moved into a variety of support roles. For the past four years, Sterling has been working in Quality Assurance automation and testing and we are happy to have them on the Infrared5 team. In their spare time they perform as a talented fire spinner, travel, and work with a nonprofit arts collective.

Oles Prikhodko

Automation + Support

Oles has a passion for automating and creating systems, and streamlining processes.  He graduated with a masters in Computer Systems and Networks from Ukraine University. He has been a team lead for automation and support at 1+1, one of the largest television stations in the Ukraine. He now brings his automation expertise to the Infrared5 team. He hopes to one day automate the world and make things just a little bit easier for everyone. On the side, Oles likes to program microcontrollers which has aided him in his pursuit of smart home automation. He also likes to ski.


Dima Nazarenko

Director of Technical Sales

Streaming knowledge from a large database of CDN experience, Dima comes to the team with a diverse skill set. Equal parts solutions architect and sales executive, he crafts answers to every challenge. Originally from Ukraine, Dima enjoys traveling (assisted by speaking three languages) and the culinary adventures that come with it. A constant learner, Dima seeks innovations in media delivery, cyber security and whatever peeks his interest. This can result in long days at the office, something he likes to counterbalance by keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Holden Mills

Customer Success Manager

From invasive plant control in California to a living history volunteer in a West Virginia National Park, our Customer Success Manager Holden has done a little bit of everything. A graduate of Gettysburg College, Holden served with the Peace Corps in Ghana, cultivating a newfound respect for technology (not to mention light switches) which led to the pursuit of a career in web development. When not behind a computer, Holden can be found hiking in the woods, camera in hand.


Project Manager

Trained in the art of cat herding, Kosta came to Infrared5 by way of a long and varied technical background, having been a project manager, database admin, technical writer, customer support manager, website designer, and more over the last decade. The last 3 years were spent honing his skills in project management remotely for a myriad of companies across the globe. Kosta earned his Master in Information Science, studying the creation and dissemination of information throughout the Internet. To round out his portfolio, Kosta spends his time outside of work mostly playing with fire in controlled settings, creating large metal art pieces that belch flame into the air, sword fighting, and tossing around a flaming staff as he dances through the nights.


Administrative Assistant

Scott is a woman with a man’s name, but that didn’t stop her from getting a BFA in Painting from Boston University with a minor in English or succeed as a freelancer before joining the Infrared5 team! She loves organizing things and socializing which is why Scott is at the front desk as Administrative Assistant. Her resume has the ICA Boston as well as the Peabody Museum at Harvard, so you know she loves art. On the weekends you’ll find her teaching artists about the business of art or on the dance floor at a local club. “My experience in events, and administration has given me the passion for being the ‘person behind the curtain’ helping things run smoothly so that business and creation can succeed effortlessly.”